In 2006-7 I was still a lawyer and consultant and worked for many months in Moscow.  I had then the opportunity to explore Russian art and culture in many forms. I remember how I was thrilled by the Malevich blue, the most intriguing indigo blue I had seen – to recently discover that Malevich was born in Kiev.

I adored the onion domes of the Russian orthodox churches, which influenced a lot my designs in jewelry.  Did you know that the beginning of the Russian orthodox church took place on the black sea coast?

onion shaped dome inspired gold rings

Onion-shaped-dome inspired gold rings

I was very lucky to take the night train twice, once traveling from Moscow to St Petersburg and another time traveling from Moscow to Petrozavodsk. The train was like Orient Express, with an old type of glamour, velvet fabrics and amazing service.  We got served dinner in our compartment, I do not remember the food but it was then that I tasted Garilka, this most delicious vodka, infused with chilli pepper and honey (Garilka is a traditional Ukrainian drink).

I also remember the amazing concert of YoYo-Ma in Pushkin theatre with my friend Olia, where he was playing Piazzolla.  Everyone in this grande theatre was excited with the Asian-origin American artist and the Argentinian rhythms.

Beauty is shared, everywhere loved and commonly appreciated.  Beauty unites. I personally choose, when I refer to this part of the world, to ignore today’s politics and to remember the beauty.  Shouldn’t we all?