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Mermaid ring

  • 18 Karat yellow gold
  • One tourmaline, 5,38 carats, Munsteiner cut (a separate certificate of Tom Munsteiner accompanies the ring)
  • 8 white diamonds (E-H, VS), of total 0,11 carat total weight
  • 40 sapphires of 1,02 carat total weight
  • One Tahitian pearl of 12,85 mm

Ring size: 6 1/2

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Tourmaline blue.

Sapphires and diamonds, picked one by one to create a luxury expression of the sea bubble sparkle.

The tourmaline, cut finely into prisms of perfection by Tom Munsteiner, comes all the way from Idar Oberstein, Germany, to mate with the Tahitian pearl on a ring reflecting the ocean charm.

This ring is made of beautiful gems chosen all over the world. I hand picked the Tahitian pearl in Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, during a visit to the Pearl Authority. A year later I met Tom Munsteiner, the famous gem cutter, in Idar Oberstein, and then I knew that I had found the perfect match for this Tahitian Pearl.

Tom has hand-carved this tourmaline creating a small sphere on the bottom of the stone and several surfaces on top, to create a mirror effect. As a result, when the hand moves, it creates the optical illusion that there are moving bubbles inside the stone. Combined with the multi-coloured blue sapphires, which were chosen to reflect the ocean depths, this ring is the perfect accessory for mermaids.
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