Designer. I would like to be associated with these asymmetric earrings, that were the reason to start conversation with your future husband.  Or these diamond studs that you wore on the lucky interview. Or the cocktail ring that you will give to your daughter.

Friend.  I would wish to be the person you come to for styling advice before the big day.  Or the one who will help you choose the perfect gift.  Or someone that you will trust with your secret fear and will give you a solution.

Mother. I would wish to share the knowledge of gems with my little girl.  The love for colors.  The audacity to combine and the confidence to wear. The appreciation of the real thing. The sparkle of diamonds, not only as a gemstone, but as enthusiasm for life.

Woman.  Understanding. Open to difference.  Fighter. Supportive. With imagination and courage. As we all are.

Happy International Women’s day.