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Fruit of Life earrings



Platinum plated sterling silver, highly polished mirror finishing
Four pieces of 18K yellow gold
Two lines of white diamonds (18 diamonds, but as the piece is handmade the number of diamonds varies)
Handmade, each piece is unique

Designer’s notes: ‘one of the most sacred forms is the ‘fruit of life’, the blueprint of the universe…’

I designed these jewels during the period of confinement and lockdown and I mixed:
– Clear Quartz, the ‘Master Healer’ of the gems,
– Silver, what Alchemists connected to the feminine mother power of the moon and used for making healing potions,
combined with diamonds and 18K gold, in order to design a ‘feel good’ collection.
Highly polished to attract the light, and full of symbols, (sacred circles and hexagons, solid squares, trinity, magic numbers) this collection brings all celestial and universal forces in everyday wear.
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