Elizabeth Taylor once said: I love to be casual and comfortable, but I also love the easy glamour of wearing jewelry all the time.

This glamour inspired me for this gold necklace with coloured stones below named after her.

The perfect necklace

Glamorous, the Liz gold necklace with multi-coloured stones uplifts any outfit into a red carpet one.

In particular, the Liz necklace:

Adds an unforgettable contrast to Black / White

Gives a surprising colour element to Beige/Gold or Grey/Silver

Elegantly completes Blue /Pink tones


Have you chosen your party dress?Wear it and try online the Liz gold necklace with stones!


  • Go to the Liz necklace page,
  • Click on the ‘try now’ button on the right-hand-side.
  • Make sure the settings of your camera allow this new application
  • Then, stand straight in front of the camera.

Try! Try! Try! and Enjoy!


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