As everyone expects the big sales coming up, we simply cannot join. There are two reasons for this, both of them based on principles.


The ones who know my background, they know that after 2004 I have been living most of the year working in the developing world. So for me it would be very easy to set up my production or get my supplies from Asia.

However after careful thought over the years, for reasons of quality and ethics, I have decided to exclusively work with European suppliers and makers, not only for the making of the jewels but also packaging, IT support, graphic designers and photography.  I am sure therefore that everyone participating in my project receives a fair payment and lives a decent life.  This affects the jewelry price, which sometimes is higher than our competition, as well as the capacity for sales, which is quite limited. On the other hand it  also positively affects the quality of craftmanship, which compares to the quality of High Jewelry.

As people move away from mass consumption and towards more conscious choices, most of our clients share our principle Human above Price and prefer luxury products made in Europe.

Katerina Marmagioli

Katerina Marmagioli


I read somewhere that the way to end a crisis is to rise above it and not participate in it.

As the world crisis started with the recent war and inflation, a new situation was created: Euro crashed to historically low levels compared to the US Dollar.  I am producing in Euro and selling in USD, so I was in front of a dilemma: be part of the crisis, and make a short term profit from the currency change? Or not?

So I took the conscious decision to rise above the crisis.  I  continued designing, made a new collection, and continued the same pricing formula as before, passing the benefit of low Euro to my customers.  The result is my latest collection, EXTRA, priced comparatively low, due to the low Euro compared to the high US Dollar. So unlike all prices going up and quality dropping rapidly, my new jewels were produced at the same high quality as before at a more affordable price than ever.

The price drop was applied in my unique jewels and the new collection.  Previous collections were kept at previous prices, to honour existing customers and ongoing collaborations.

This was my small contribution in ending this crisis, to lower prices against inflation.  Due to this choice and in a very volatile market of gold, diamonds and gems, I do not have the possibility of sales.

Thank you for being here! I look forward to seeing you wearing my jewels!