Yesterday I was discussing with a client about diamond jewelry and I realised that there are a lot of questions that collectors do not dare to ask.

Why buy diamond jewelry?

Because diamonds are classic and easy to wear, they are colour neutral so they match with any outfit, and they sparkle, so they add a healthy shine to your face and skin.  Diamond jewelry is also a present that is always appreciated. And they have a heirloom quality.

Which diamond jewelry is the best?

The best diamond jewel is the one that suits you best and you will wear the most.

If the question refers to the value of the diamond as a gemstone, there is a very popular grading system with the four ‘C’ (Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut), where the best combination of the four ‘C’ determines the value of the stone.  The most recognised certificate to provide the most accurate information on the ‘C’ is GIA. This however applies to bigger diamonds and not on melee/cluster diamond jewels.

Will my diamond jewelry appreciate?

It depends.

If you have diamond jewelry from a designer, if the designer becomes famous, your jewelry will have a resale value.

If you have a big GIA diamond, your jewel will theoretically gain in value overtime, as the price of diamonds is constantly rising.  It depends however whether you have the right contacts, to purchase your diamond at a wholesale value, and whether you have the right contacts to sell your diamond at a fair price.

Jewelry is a form of wearable art.  If you want gold or diamonds as an investment, my opinion is not to buy them in a form of jewelry, but better to talk to a financial advisor or other investment specialist.

How do I clean my diamond jewels?

With some lukewarm water, liquid soap and soft brushing on the back they will sparkle like new!