“I believe styling is merely a mirror of personality. As such, each one of my jewels is one of a kind, hand-picked, crafted and curated to be what it is: not an accessory, but a daily manifestation of character, confidence, inner power. I’ve picked rare materials from the widths and depths of the globe and tied them together to create singular pieces that do not conform to stereotypes. Men or women, special or daily moment, day or night, my jewel fits any occasion; I see it as a personality charm, that can help us stand out for what we are: rare, strong, inspired”

I am a jewelry designer with a diverse background, an identity clearly expressed in my jewelry. Unconventional design, asymmetric forms, versatile pearl necklaces, rare material no one would think fits on a bracelet, all-gender jewelry: it’s all about expression of personality. I like to repeat that “my jewels are not shy, they are conversation starters”.

My wanderlust around the world for more than 15 years opened my mind up to a diversity of culture, spiritual belief, symbolization of beauty, representation of art; from the frozen wilderness of the Russian steppe to the raw beauty of a Pacific island landscape, to the color exuberance of the Caribbean, to the spiritual silence of the Indias and the lush art of the Middle East.

This multi-faceted experience is my inspiration: to bring out the otherwordly beauty of the unusual. Unusual materials, unique forms, tied together to create statement pieces. Inspiration may come from a tribal ritual on a Pacific island, an iconic Grace Kelly headshot, or past references of fashion. The destination though is always the same: curated jewels that serve as bold representations of personality, carrying the power to remold everything-as-usual to beauty-unusual.

Atelier (credentials)

Since I remember, I received a gold coin for Christmas from my grandmother- She taught me to respect gold, which I always use for my jewels.

Having traveled around the world, I was educated by local artisans and global experts, to master the details and the creativity of jewelry design and craftsmanship.

I got my BA in Law at the University of Thessaloniki and MA in European Studies at the University of Athens, Greece. I got my MSc in Politics of the World Economy at the London School of Economics, London UK.

I learned Tahitian Pearl classification at the Cook Island Pearl Authority in Rarotonga, Cook Islands; right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where pearls grow in Ocean waters.

I studied the gemological aspects of pearls at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

I qualified as a Diamond Grader at HRD in Antwerp, Belgium,

I studied Jewelry design at Central Saint Martins in London.

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