“I believe styling is merely a mirror of personality. As such, each one of my jewels is one of a kind, hand-picked, crafted and curated to be what it is: not an accessory, but a daily manifestation of character, confidence, inner power.  Men or women, special or daily moment, day or night, my jewel fits any occasion; I see it as a personality charm, that can help us stand out for what we are: rare, strong, inspired”

I am a jewelry designer with a diverse background, an identity clearly expressed in my jewelry. Unconventional design, asymmetric forms, versatile jewels, rare material no one would think fits on a bracelet, all-gender jewelry: it’s all about expression of personality. I like to repeat that “my jewels are not shy, they are conversation starters”.

My inspiration? My wanderlust around the world for more than 15 years opened my mind up to a diversity of culture, spiritual belief, symbolization of beauty, representation of art; from the frozen wilderness of the Russian steppe to the raw beauty of a Pacific island landscape, to the color exuberance of the Caribbean, to the spiritual silence of the Indias and the lush art of the Middle East.   Inspiration may come from a tribal ritual on a Pacific island, an iconic Grace Kelly headshot, or past references of fashion. The destination though is always the same: curated jewels that serve as bold representations of personality.

My principles? In one word, RESPECT.  Respect for the environment: I use 100% recycled gold for my jewels. Respect for the human, Human above Price: My jewels are Made in Europe,  my suppliers of metal, gems, packaging, as well as my website and branding assistants, everyone is based in Europe, ensuring a fair pay and lifestyle for everyone involved.

Atelier (credentials)

Since I remember, I received a gold coin for Christmas from my grandmother- She taught me to respect gold, which I always use for my jewels.

I learned Tahitian Pearl classification at the Cook Island Pearl Authority in Rarotonga, Cook Islands; right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where pearls grow in Ocean waters.

I studied the gemological aspects of pearls at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

I qualified as a Diamond Grader at HRD in Antwerp, Belgium,

I studied Jewelry design at Central Saint Martins in London.

Would you like to know more about me?

You can listen to a recent interview here