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  • Top, clockwise from left: Rachel Atherley Plumage earrings, spotted at NY Now, August 2019; Effy Jewelry malachite and onyx ring, spotted at JCK Las Vegas 2019; Anomy Pearls ring, spotted at

  • Anomy by Katerina Marmagioli Pink Explosion ring €1,230.00 SHOP NOW Her senses will certainly be overwhelmed (in the best sense) when she's presented with this ring. And you

  • Greek designer Katerina Marmagioli is inspired by her world travels and experiences living in Russia, the Middle East, and the Indian Peninsula. She travels the

‘My jewels are not small, minimalistic or discreet, they always attract attention.’

In a world of fast consumerism, haute joaillerie remains a rarity and a source of aesthetic pleasure and indulgent luxury. Katerina Marmagioli’s jewel collections provide a dual feeling of happiness and dream-like satisfaction. From designs inspired by the Arabian nights to the sparkles of the disco years, her jewels newer end to surprise. In true artist of fashion Katerina proposes us a new story each time. It is up to each woman to find her joy in one of the unique pieces that combine rare gems, with support beds of diamonds and surprising organic materials, like tusk. Owning one of her pieces is always like owning a music part, written specifically by a great artist for you. The artist makes sure that the pieces are well chosen for each client personality to create one whole, one story line. Jewels with a personal story.

Vero Williams

They glitter in the limelight They shine bright in the sunlight Anomypearls, Your own incomparable jewels ?

Theodora Stamos

Katerina’s jewellery is of the finest quality, originally and exquisitely designed. I have worn her jewels at high profile events like the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm or the Bafta awards in London. They always add elegance and femininity to the outfit and simply stand out.

Sabine Simmross
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